Monday, January 12, 2015

Hacking Reality with Psychotechnology

Who in his bored mind and mundane life would not be tempted to trick his brains into a dreamy state and enjoy its outcomes. While drugs have been banned in many civilized countries, music, movies were accessible to the masses as a form of entertainment. In some places alcohol and even soft drugs were sold legally. Meanwhile, advances in technology are allowing us to experience altered states of the mind.

Jason Silva, Joe Rogan, Terrance McKenna, Eric Davis, the Schwitzgebels and many others have talked about psychotechnology and the following is a condensed clip defining it and illustrating it.

You can try it for yourself, grab yourself a google cardboard or make one yourself if you cannot afford a 5 USD or the packaging and shipping time, but still can access the internet and read that blog. I have acquired a hack of the oculous rift which allows for additional control for gaming. I have hacked it to allow for augmented reality by pinching a hole for the camera. I have also connected it along with the leap motion to my android nexus 5 phone such that I can navigate by simply moving my fingers across the leap motion's sensor field of view.

#Playing with #vr #virtualreality and #ar #augmentedreality until I was finally able to fool the #left #hemisphere of my #brain. I wish I had more #time to develop my own #virtual world and #connect it to the #leapmotion #controller at least for a few minutes of #entheogenic #enlightenment

I was able to fool my left brain into going down the stairs in one of the simulations (Tuscan village) thus feeling a soft disequilibrium probably from my ears and a noticeable relaxation in my thigh muscles. I was able to speed up my heart rate 12 beats per minute with the virtual crazy swing VR while sitting on my bed.

I wish I had more time to develop some of the apps with the given SDK and the many ideas that come to mind.