Friday, March 4, 2016

360/VR Micro-short Cinema Series

Back in the days, kings used to ask painters to have princesses painted so that they know who to marry, but sometimes artists cheated. Then that evolved with colors and more so with photography. Later we discovered cinema and more recently 3D cinema all to get closer to the feeling that this is real. Now we are at 360 VR videos with head-tracking headsets and without any further due, I'll let you enjoy the following micro-short episodes of 1-3 minutes:

1. 360 experience of a lingerie photoshoot with actress and model, Asia Ford

2. 360 ground-level peek of slalom artist Marc Angel from a cone's perspective

3. 360 experience of a micro-theatrical piece with the Angel and the Devil featuring Nikita KLOSEWOOD and Mike GARCIA

4. 360 experience of the beautiful and talented violinist Anna Gongdadze

5. 360 another 360 ground-level peek of actress and model Asia Ford wearing a beautiful [INTERACTIVE]

6. 360 surreal experience of Jardin des Plantes

7. BONUS (surprise announced on youtube Channel).

At some point, that won't do the trick and we'll need holographic projections of an alternative reality and at some point even that will need to be enhanced and made interactive and sensible such that we can feel the environment and so on and so forth.

Ode to the Tiny Planets we Inhabit

We have built our tiny planets based on our fears and beliefs, comfort zones and ambitions. Sometimes these planets collide and form new planets, other times they form galaxies such as this very collaboration with beautiful and talented Ana, the violinist on the central planet.

I have been working on this project for the past week with theta 360,  and aftereffects.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Hacking Reality with Psychotechnology

Who in his bored mind and mundane life would not be tempted to trick his brains into a dreamy state and enjoy its outcomes. While drugs have been banned in many civilized countries, music, movies were accessible to the masses as a form of entertainment. In some places alcohol and even soft drugs were sold legally. Meanwhile, advances in technology are allowing us to experience altered states of the mind.

Jason Silva, Joe Rogan, Terrance McKenna, Eric Davis, the Schwitzgebels and many others have talked about psychotechnology and the following is a condensed clip defining it and illustrating it.

You can try it for yourself, grab yourself a google cardboard or make one yourself if you cannot afford a 5 USD or the packaging and shipping time, but still can access the internet and read that blog. I have acquired a hack of the oculous rift which allows for additional control for gaming. I have hacked it to allow for augmented reality by pinching a hole for the camera. I have also connected it along with the leap motion to my android nexus 5 phone such that I can navigate by simply moving my fingers across the leap motion's sensor field of view.

#Playing with #vr #virtualreality and #ar #augmentedreality until I was finally able to fool the #left #hemisphere of my #brain. I wish I had more #time to develop my own #virtual world and #connect it to the #leapmotion #controller at least for a few minutes of #entheogenic #enlightenment

I was able to fool my left brain into going down the stairs in one of the simulations (Tuscan village) thus feeling a soft disequilibrium probably from my ears and a noticeable relaxation in my thigh muscles. I was able to speed up my heart rate 12 beats per minute with the virtual crazy swing VR while sitting on my bed.

I wish I had more time to develop some of the apps with the given SDK and the many ideas that come to mind.

Friday, June 13, 2014

White balance in real life

This goes for fellow photographers especially for those that the white balance that is in almost every camera has not yet become completely automatic and invisible.

I ordered those custom-made shades that allow me to trigger white balance in real life i.e. to see warmer or colder tones by just looking upwards or downwards. If you look up to someone (in a metaphorical sense), you will see them in a warmer (more orange)  tone, if you look down on them you will see them in a colder (more blue) tone.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

DIY glow in the dark t-shirts

With some off-the-shelf glow-in-the-dark inkjet transfer papers for dark fabric I was able to make my surreal coffee art and self-portrait fractals glow. You can do it too and here is what you need from Amazon for the technical part! Besides that you might need a UV light to recharge the phosphorous but any strong light will do the job.

Here is a fractal self-portrait glowing in the most tenebrous of darks! 

Here is a replica of my absurdist coffee painting "We inhabit a pussy tailed universe" glowing on my T.

Remember to save energy to save the planet. Make glow-in-the-dark T shirts not war :)

I promise to post more often in case anyone is reading and the web statistics do not lie. Drop me a note or just "hi". Happy 2014 and 2015 just in case :)

Monday, January 16, 2012